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Fox Friends ProPledge Propaganda Piece Was a Lesson in Faux

Fox Friends ProPledge Propaganda Piece Was a Lesson in Faux


One of the child props admitted the Pledge of Allegiance taught her

December 28, 2018 A Wealthy Man Offered Jews $50,000 to Move to Alabama. The Experiment Failed.

Fox, Foxes, Red Fox

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Fox, Foxes, Red Fox

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Fox, Foxes, Red Fox

No Apology, No Explanation: Fox News And The Seth Rich Story

“ATHE1ST” License Plate Request Rejected in Indiana; Now the ACLU May Get Involved · “

Fox, Foxes, Red Fox

Pro-Trump 'War Hero' on Fox News Never Actually Served

Make It Yourself, Fox, Foxes, Red Fox

It's Horrifying That Trump's Secretary of State Thinks the Rapture is Real | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos


I Guess You Proved Your Point…

Patriotic propaganda 1918

So true.

The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2018 (From the Archives)

How To Speak 'True-Believer'

Puerto Rico Police Promote Religion with Event “Proclaiming the Favorable Year of the Lord”

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The Iowa State Capitol is Now Home to Two Atheist Displays

Raped Teen Immigrant Denied Abortion, Offered Coloring Books by Trump Admin

God's Divine Plan Could Use Some Revisions


Super Bowl Schmuper Bowl



Ian M

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Project Blitz, the Christian Right's Legislative Playbook, Is Expanding in 2019

Chris Beckstrom @cbfishes@mastodon.social

I just got dumped so here's a dump part 2

Two Atheist Charities Merge to Have a Greater Impact in Times of Need

Christian Group Warns Prom-Goers Not to Have Sex Because… Chlamydia

American Atheists Will Appear on Tonight's Full ...


The Miami New Times Shines a Light on the Diversity of Atheism in the City

CDV Photograph Mark Twain by Gurney Son New York | eBay


Catholic Church Cuts Ties with School Over Clinic That Provides Birth Control

After Pastor Jim Mulholland Left His Faith, Concerned Christians Wondered 'But What About Your

Exactly!!!! This is what I am thinking every time someone is on

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“Don't Believe in God? You're Not Alone!” Billboard · “

Reinforced Feathers of Steel: "George Stephanopoulos and Eric Trump Discuss Project Veritas Action Videos"


These Clergy Members Realized They Were Atheists and Eventually Left the Church


For Second Straight Year, Delaware Governor Issues Darwin Day Proclamation

South Dakota Anti-Evolution Legislation Gets Through Senate Education Committee

Commentary: There's no Nazi God. People follow the teachings of religion teachings because it sets us

Politicians Will Ignore Secular Americans Until We Give Them a Reason to Listen

Letting Go of Religion… in 17 Beautiful Pictures


A Tornado That Killed Four People Didn't Ruin a Bible Inside a Destroyed Church

S. Dakota Bill Lets Christian Adoption Agencies Deny a Child to Gay, Atheist,

Dave Silverman Appears on FOX To Discuss 'Inflammatory' HuffPo Article

Smile, I Laughed, How To Make, Harry Potter

OK Legislator Who Once Said Gay People Are Worse Than Terrorists Repeats Line in Farewell Address

Atheist Laments Silence from Interfaith Groups on LGBT Discrimination

New Mexico City Councilor Responds to Sunday's March By Saying Women “Have a Right to

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Woman Claims in Lawsuit That Former Boss Forced Her to Adopt Scientology

The New York Times Spoke to the Wrong Person About the Virgin Birth

Facebook took down Franklin Graham's virulent, anti-trans post, then apologized for it

WA State Republicans Have Filed a Bill Letting Public School Coaches Pray With Kids After Games


Book: Disappointment with God

People Magazine Removes Article with Kristin Cavallari's Unsafe Recipe

If Science and Religion are at War, Science is Winning

Those Atheists You Hate Aren't Really All That Bad

Parents Slam Priest's Hurtful Homily of Teenage Son Who Committed Suicide

Santa's Wager: What If You're Wrong?

US evangelicals aren't on the same page on Trump support

The Mormon Church is Opposing a Medical Marijuana Bill That Could Help Thousands of Ailing Patients

Hacked Florida Billboard Features Cute Dog Saying, “Satan is the One True God”

December 28, 2018

Mike Pompeo's Religion: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Weaving down the American highway Through the litter and the wreckage and the cultural junk Bloated

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Responding to the Latest Unfair Accusation Against Sam Harris

Muslim Group Challenges Virginia Jail's Christian-Only “God Pod”


Godless Equals Immoral?


Bernie Sanders Is Proving You Don't Have to Be Religious to Be Successful in

Someone Believed This Was a Good Idea…

I only have four letters in response to this: haha. Im always ranting on

Ahh~ how I love the lighting section of home depot~ Other than that,

Fast food academy, here I come. Funny Comics, Funny Cartoons, Just For

Ladies, if there were a reality TV show like “What NOT to Wear,